Wilderland’s Bewitched – English Cocker Spaniel

  • Black with white markings
  • AKC Registered
  • American-born

Nicknamed Witch, she was whelped 10-31-2015.  

She is a daughter of Pooch and Evo.  Witch will replace her mother as one of our brood females.  She is turning out to be a fantastic retriever,  especially in the water.   Lots of nice imported British blood and champions in her pedigree.

Witch just received her hip and shoulder rating from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, the OFA.
She was rated EXCELLENT on her hip conformation.    No hip dysplasia and great hips.    That makes her one of an elite group….only 10% of dogs submitted receive an Excellent evaluation.
Elbows were rated normal.

Link to her pedigree – http://www.gundogcentral.com/view_pedigree.php?pedigreeID=82741&title=WILDERLANDS BEWITCHED&generations=4



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