Omachie Chocolate Wave of Wilderland ( Hershey)

Hershey aka OMACHIE CHOCOLATE WAVE OF WILDERLAND is our first 100% British heritage English Cocker. Her sire and dam were imported from Scotland and Wales respectively. In addition her grandsires and grandams on both sides are field trial champions earning their titles in England.

She adds considerable  depth strength to our existing field lines. She is very prey driven and is willing to do anything asked of her. Hershey also has a very winning personality and the super good looks to go with it.

Hershey has been examined by EMBARK LABS and has was found to be clear of PRCD -progressive retinal atrophy, ARHN- autosomal recessive hereditary nephropathy, PFKDeficiency- Glycogen storage disease ,phosphofructokinase deficiencyAcs-Aural mutliation syndrome and EIC-exercise induced collapse.

Height  approx 14 ” shoulder Weight  23 lbs