Leawyn Elizabeth of Wilderland – RETIRED

Libby is now enjoying retirement in sunny Florida.

Nicknamed, Libby, Leawyn  is a liver and white English Cocker Spaniel from Jim Vance’s Comanche Kennels in Texas.

Her sire, Comanche Warrior is descended from British Field Trial Champion (FTCH)  Timsgarry Valtos.    Her dam, Lewayn Lenor is a direct daughter of British Field Trial Champion, Timsgarry Simpson.  She adds depth and structure to our existing British lines.

Link to her pedigree:  http://www.gundogcentral.com/view_pedigree.php?pedigreeID=68709&title=LEAWYN ELIZABETH OF WILDERLAND&generations=4

She has a very merry and bold personality .

Tested OFA  EXCELLENT!   Orthopedic Foundation of America’s hip testing for the AKC.  Less than 20 percent of all dogs receive excellent.

Libby has been tested by GEN SOL LABS and has was found to be clear of PRCD -progressive retinal atrophy, ARHN- autosomal recessive hereditary nephropathy, PFKDeficiency- Glycogen storage disease ,phosphofructokinase deficiencyAcs-Aural mutliation syndrome and EIC-exercise induced collapse.