Omachie Chocolate Wave of Wilderland (Hershey)

A very special welcome to our first 100% UK bred english cocker spaniel, Hershey. She is what we were striving for when we first started with this amazing breed 11 years ago. Hershey’s sire is from Scotland and her dam is from Wales.

Her registered name, OMACHIE CHOCOLATE WAVE OF WILDERLAND , is a mouthful so we just call her Hershey. She will start hunting and field trial training soon and in late fall 2020 will assume duties as a brood female when she comes in season.

Pedigree for Hershey: CHOCOLATE WAVE OF WILDERLAND&generations=4

Thank you to Covey Flush Kennels in Sasser, GA for allowing us to obtain Hershey from them.