English Setter


Breed Group:

  • Weight: 50-65lbs
  • Height: 24-25 inches
  • Color (s): White & black, white & orange,white & lemon, white & light brown, or tricolor.
  • Some speckling on coats.

The English Setter is one of the oldest breeds of gun dogs. It is a beautiful, graceful, elegant, slim setter with a unique speckled coat. It thrives on human companionship or the company of other dogs. It has unconditional devotion to its whole family. This breed is very gentle, placid, affectionate and friendly. Newborn puppies are born white and after the first week begin to change in color.

 The English Setter is mild mannered and sensitive. This breed is extremely loyal, patient and devoted to its family. It makes a perfect family dog. It is excellent with children. This English Setter needs lots of companionship and enjoys playing with other dogs. Consistent training and strenuous exercise is needed for a good-natured dog. It is responsive and easy to train but does have a mind of its own.

There are two types of English Setters: field and show. The field type is generally a bit smaller and lighter, and very active so it needs more exercise than the show type. Both types need daily exercise to stay healthy and happy. The English Setter is usually enthusiastic and lively outdoors, but relatively inactive indoors. The English Setter’s talents include hunting, tracking, retrieving, pointing, watchdogging and agility.