Monthly Archives: September 2020

2020 Breeding Schedule

We will have puppies soon! Click on the bold names to see the parent’s pedigree and photos. Photo and pedigree with Rex, an outside stud, are shown on this page.

Due late September GRACE will have her puppies. She was bred to HANK.

Due October 8th 2020 LIBBY with HARRELL’S FLUSHING REX.

Our puppies usually go fast. We will make announcements to this page when the puppies are born and post photos of the puppies when they are a few weeks old.

Call or email to reserve your puppy!  Phone is 1-229-846-2661 or email me at RESERVE EARLY.

Harrell’s Flushing Rex

Click on the above link to see the pedigree of the Libby x Rex puppies due October 8th, 2020.